About Save The Lakes

About Save The Lakes

Save the Lakes works to protect your property rights

Save the Lakes is an all-volunteer organization devoted to protecting and defending the CC&Rs governing the use of The Lakes Golf Course. It is supported entirely by voluntary contributions of supporters.

STL was started in 2008, the year Wilson Gee disclosed his intention to build apartments at the Lakes. The mission of STL has remained the same since then: Defend your property rights that are clearly spelled out in the CC&Rs.

True Life and its allies claim that Ahwatukee Farms would increase property values, but it has offered no documentation or support for the claim. There is little or no legitimate research on how new construction affects existing property values, in part because the circumstances in each case are so different.

Make no mistake: There IS evidence of actual home sale prices in the area are sharply down. Far from increasing property values, home resale prices in the vicinity of Ahwatukee Farms are down 10 to 25 percent.  We want to see that stop. In real life, complex market forces determine property values, not a single subdivision.

Members include residents of Ahwatukee as well as non-residents who support the CC&Rs.

STL is governed by a board of directors.  There are four officers: president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. In addition to the board, there is a steering committee which meets regularly to set direction for the organization

STL is a 503(c)4  social welfare organization. Contributions are not tax deductible.

STL collects and provides information to counter the misleading claims promoted by True Life and its backers. It holds meetings and forums to help property owners understand their rights.  It represents members at meetings of the ABM board of directors and has met on several occasions with local and state lawmakers.

STL recently adopted a stretch of Warner Road for quarterly trash pickup.

Some supporters of Ahwatukee Farms portray STL as selfish and standing in way of the progress. Indeed, STL embraces the selfish label because we acknowledge our concern for our property values. True Life and its backers have shown that they lack concern for our property values, and worse, equate progress with taking community assets without compensating the community.