Help us turn up the heat on the developers

Help us turn up the heat on the developers

December 16, 2018

Dear Friend and Supporter of Save the Lakes:

The wheels of justice are moving, although they are moving slower than everyone would prefer.

We stopped developers who tried to turn Ahwatukee into traffic disaster by bulldozing the Ahwatukee Lakes Golf Course for a housing development.  Now, it’s time to turn up the heat.

  1. Next month, we’ll ask an Arizona Superior Court judge to require Wilson Gee and his partners to show why they should not be held in contempt for failing to begin restoration of the golf course.  Judge John Hannah granted us a permanent injunction on May 31 that ordered restoration of the course.  For six months Gee has shown no sign he’ll comply. It’s time the court order him to begin the process or face contempt sanctions.
  1. About the same time next month, we will ask an Arizona appellate court to secure our previous victories by upending True Life’s appeal of the injunction. Our answer to their appeal looks as solid as our two previous court victories.  Once affirmed, it should slam the door on Gee and any other developer trying to undo the golf course and its portion of the Ahwatukee master plan.

Victory is within our grasp. We do not relish having to seek your assistance, but we do indeed need you to help us stop them for good.

We need to raise $15,000 to secure the legal victories for which we all have worked so hard.

Like the two of us, many of you have given hundreds and even thousands of dollars for this effort. Others have given smaller amounts, which also help. Now is the time to make a significant gift to ensure we win and secure our town’s future.  Please contribute in care of our attorney’s office:.

Lakes Golf Course Legal Defense Fund

c/o Timothy H. Barnes, P.C.,

428 E. Thunderbird Road, #150

Phoenix, Arizona 85022

(602) 492-1528 (Direct)

After you contribute, share the news of your commitment with others in the neighborhood and ask that they join us financially in this fight.

We both deeply  appreciate your support. Your commitment has sustained us. Now, we urgently request your support for the final push.

Very sincerely,

Save the Lakes Ahwatukee, for and on behalf of

Eileen Breslin                                                            Linda Swain

4229 E Sandia                                                                      12815 S 41st St


* To review, Wilson Gee bought four Ahwatukee golf courses during the last 12 years, apparently intending to undercut our quiet community with infill development.   He tried developing The Lakes Golf Course property himself, but he failed because of community outcry.  He then closed The Lakes and tried developing it with giant developer Pulte Group. The second effort failed after Pulte withdrew.  Gee’s  third effort  with The True Life Cos. was stymied when  its petition drive failed to win approval of a change to the CC&Rs. It received a final blow when a judge ruled in our favor after a bench trial and issued a permanent injunction against development of the golf course.